Seismic Safety Strap

The Seismic Safety Strap was born out of a desire to improve the safety of threaded precast concrete connections. These straps offer ductility to a typically brittle detail while remaining straightforward to install. Thousands of these straps have been installed in buildings since 2004 and they performed admirably during the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence.

- Enhanced ductility for proprietary cast-in anchors in thin concrete
- Extremely simple installation
- Designed for use in New Zealand only
- Available exclusively from Canzac Group -


Fingerplates give an economic solution for maintaining precast panel alignment, whilst allowing in-plane movement to limit cracking at restraints which can occur with traditional connections. They also have plenty of tolerance for quick and easy installation.

- Plate connector to align precast panel walls
- Tolerance for easy and quick installation
- Movement in-plane to limit restraint cracking of panels
- Designed for use in New Zealand only 
- N.Z. PAT. No. 577969
- Available exclusively from Canzac Group -


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